Ep: 5 Cath Ferla – Ghost Girls

Cath Ferla talks about her book ‘Ghost Girls’.

Winter in Sydney. The city is brimming with foreign students. Sophie Sandilands takes a job teaching at an English language school. When one of her students leaps to her death it becomes clear that lurking within the psyche of this community is a deep sense of despair and alienation. When it is revealed that the dead woman on the pavement has stolen another’s identity, Sophie is Continue reading

Ep4: Sarah Drummond – The Sound

The Sound published by Fremantle Press

9781925163759__weblargeWiremu Heke of Aramoana joins a sealing boat on a voyage from Tasmania to Western Australia. He is on a quest to avenge the destruction of his village but soon finds himself a part of the violent and lawless world that has claimed the lives of those he’s known.

It’s a world inhabited by men from many nations. Men who plunder seal colonies and steal women and children from the indigenous communities who live on the islands and shorelines of Australia’s south.




Ep:3 Suzanne Burdon – Almost Invincible

ALMOST INVINCIBLE:   Almost Invicible

Suzanne Burdon talks about her book Almost Invincible a biographical novel about Mary Shelley. The book whilst factually based, beautifully imagines the emotions, conversations, and some of the mysteries surrounding Mary Shelley’s life.

Mary Shelly began Frankenstein in a thunderstorm in 1814, when she was eighteen. By then she had been living for two years in a scandalous relationship with Continue reading

Ep:2 Amanda Hampson

The French Perfumer by Amanda Hampson


In the tradition of The Little Paris Bookshop and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, this is a charming historical novel set in the South of France by the bestselling author of The Olive Sisters.

Published by Viking an imprint of Penguin Books

Iris Turner, an unworldly young Englishwoman arrives in the French Riviera to take up a secretarial role for the mysterious Hammond Brooke.  Living in a small, exclusive hotel amongst eccentric and unpredictable aristocrats and struggling to gain her employer’s trust, she soon realised that nothing is as it seems.  Initiated into the mysterious world of perfume, she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and reception.  Gradually discovering the truth, she gains a new understanding of the meaning of love, loyalty, and betrayal.

From the bestselling author of The Olive Sisters, this is a captivating and evocative novel full of surprising twists and turns.