Ep: 9 Catherine Berry – “But you are in France, Madame”

Today, something new for the podcast, I’m reading an excerpt from Catherine Berry’s lovely book ‘ But you are in France, Madam’, and apologies in advance for my school-girl french pronunciation.  I will be interviewing Catherine later in the year.

Catherine had been planning her year-long trip to France for many years, when it finally happens, she packs her family, three children, five bags and sets off with the promise of adventure living in the French Alps.

Catherine writes in an open and engaging style about the experiences of her young Australian-born family moving to live in France.  When some dark news shatters the tranquility of their beautiful adventure, such is the lure of this special country that it serves to reinforce the family’s passion for French living.

Laughter and tears; this book prompts both. Its setting is the majestic French Alps; its characters, an Australian family of five and its plot, veers from comfortably familiar anecdotes about changing countries, surmounting challenges and learning about oneself through the process of observing others, into unexpectedly dark times and back out again. A light-hearted tale overall, to be enjoyed by those who are planning a trip to France, dreaming of France or simply curious to read the stories of others.

The book can be purchased as a book directly from Catherine at cb222me.com, or as a Kindle version from Amazon or from Blurb. (Search by title for the print edition)



  1. Hi Rose
    I loved the reading of the chapters from this book. A nice change of pace from the interviews. I’m looking forward to the interview with Catherine Berry.


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