Ep.11 Jane Messer – Hopscotch

Fast and funny, Hopscotch charts a year in the lives of the endearingly flawed Rosen family, and holds up a mirror to contemporary urban life in Australia, interrogating our endless capacity for self-destruction, longing and love, and asks why we think we could ever find happiness in a city that’s roaring with dysfunction.

Jane Messer lives in Sydney where she teaches creative writing at Macquarie University. Her books include Provenance, Night by Night and Bedlam – an Anthology of Sleepless Nights. She is a regular contributor to The Conversation, has been a Director of the Australian Society of Authors and a judge of the Australian Vogel Literary Award.

Read more about Jane Messer here


  1. Hi Rose
    Another delightful interview with an interesting author. Unfortunately the premise of the novel hits too close to the experience of friends and family and I’m not sure whether I could read it, even with the comedic touches.
    Keep up the great work.


  2. Thank you for your comments Glenda. There are some great crime and mystery stories coming up in the next few weeks that I think you will enjoy. Thank you so much for your support.


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