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Hello everyone and thank you for subscribing to The Book Podcast.

Next Tuesday’s podcast is an interview with Glenna Thomson about her book ‘Blueberry’

The Podcast and website are now six months old and I have received lots of positive feedback on the show.  It’s been wonderful discovering new talented Australian Women Writers of such diversity.  The publishers have been very supportive and I receive lots of new books each week, and though I would like to, I cannot possibly interview every author.

One of my regular listeners who provides me with great feedback, (thank you Glenda) suggested that the website and podcast could be broadened to include new releases with a short review and reading, and I think that this is a great idea.  I will however stay with covering only Australian Women Writers.

The new podcast will be released every Friday and I hope to cover at least two to three new releases each week.

If you have subscribed to my iTunes podcast, then it will be automatically downloaded to your device.  For those that haven’t subscribed (please think about doing so – see below for instructions)  the audio will always be available on the website.

To subscribe to iTunes, click HERE.  Then click on ‘View in iTunes’ under The Book Podcast logo.

In iTunes click the ‘subscribe’ button under the The Book Podcast logo and the podcast will automatically be downloaded to your device each week.

Thank you for listening, I really appreciate your support and your comments.



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