Ep: 27 Nicole Trope – Forgotten

A moment of distraction, an unlocked car, a missing baby, how on earth could this happen?

In a single day, a simple mistake will have life-altering consequences for everyone involved.

Forgotten is every parent’s nightmare.  Malia’s baby Zach , is sleeping in his car seat, she doesn’t want to disturb him, she needs milk for breakfast, she was only gone a few minutes, the car was in sight, but now Baby Zach has gone.

Nicole Trope is make a name for herself as a writer of provocative, family dramas with hard-hitting issues at their core.  Forgotten is a heart-stopping game of cat and mouse and a race against the clock.

Read more about Nicole here


  1. Sounds like a tense psychological drama, but also sounds like every character has issues so could be too complicated/ too much hard work to battle through. Will take your recommendation Rose.


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