Ep: 28 Rachel Leary – Bridget Crack


Van Diemen’s Land, 1826.

When Bridget Crack arrives in the colony, she is just grateful to be on dry land.

But finding the life of an indentured domestic servant intolerable, she pushes back and is punished for her insubordination-sent from one place to another, each significantly worse than the last. Too late, she realises the place she has ended up is the worst of all: the ‘Interior,’ where the hard cases are sent-a brutally hard life with a cruel master, miles from civilisation.

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Praise for Bridget Crack:

. A brilliant literary debut from a writer of rare talent.

‘The kind of book that keeps you reading past midnight, holding on for dear life. There’s a sense of menace on every page. An incredible debut by a brilliant new talent.’

Rohan Wilson, author of To Name Those Lost

Read more about Rachel here

One comment

  1. Bit of a slow start, but you managed to tease out some details. Obviously very passionate about her performance art, but seemed quite reticent to talk about the book per se. Well done!


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