Ep: 34 Rose Michael – The Art of Navigation

Old magic and strange memories swirl through The Art of Navigation, as Elizabethan alchemy and the technologies of the future ingeniously intersect.

The year of the Slippery When Wet tour three girls leave their safe suburban world to spend a life-changing night in a forest on the outskirts of Melbourne, where they plan a half-serious seance to call forth bushranger Ned Kelly.  A world away in time Edward Kelley alchemist, necromancer and crystal ball ‘scryer’ for Elizabeth I’s astrologist Doctor Dee – is beset by visions.  Narratives from 1987, 1587 and 2087 merge and converge as this gothic ghost story becomes a fantastic tale of possession in a blazing work of speculative fiction.

Can we really trust our memories?

Read more about Rose Micheal here

See the book trailer here 

and listen to Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a prayer’ from the Slippery When Wet tour here

One comment

  1. Wow, what an interesting young woman (well she sounds young), and what fascinating thoughts. The book sounds fabulous and will be added to the list…
    Another wonderful interview – thanks Rose.


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