Ep:40 Alyce Alexandra – Everyday Thermo Cooking

Alyce Alexandra is an independent author of cookbooks for Thermo cookers and slow cookers, designer of kitchenware and cooking accessories, creator of The TM Shop and owner of a state-of-the-art cooking school, located in South Melbourne.  Even if you don’t own a Thermo cooker, or don’t like to cook, Alyce’s journey from schoolgirl to a business owner is a great story.

Alyce is passionate about every avenue of food, from seedling to stomach. Her mission is to get people cooking, more often and from scratch, by showing how easy, achievable, and rewarding home cooking can be. Her unpretentious, work-every-time recipes have made her a much-loved figure in the Thermo cooker community. She lives, gardens writes, cooks, and eats in Victoria, Australia.

With over 100 simple and satisfying real-life recipes from Alyce’s kitchen, there are delicious recipes to suit everyone, every day.

Read more about Alyce here

One comment

  1. What a terrific departure from family dramas, grief and crime. Alyce is a delightful woman, with an engaging manner and story. Good on her for finding a niche with something that clearly gives her much joy.
    Thanks, Rose.


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