Ep:46 Tess Evans – The Ballad of Banjo Crossing

Jack McPhail is a man on the run from his past, a drifter who lands by accident in the sleepy rural town of Banjo Crossing in the fertile region known as The Plains.

Despite himself, Jack becomes slowly drawn into the town, its community, its characters and its concerns. Nevertheless, acceptance of this newcomer is based on a lie, and Jack fears rejection should someone discover the truth.

This novel combines the story of a community faced with change interwoven with personal stories of those who have made it their home.

A tender, funny, thought-provoking novel about the power of community, love, loss and second chances.

Read more about Tess here


One comment

  1. Can I be a late starter too? Lovely, inspirational interview with a down to earth author. I look forward to reading this novel and checking out her previous work. Thanks Rose.


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