Ep:69 Lia Weston – You Wish

Sometimes imagination is not enough.

Thomas Lash grants secret wishes . . . on-screen, that is.

White wedding gone horribly wrong and need to swap the groom? Never went to university but must have a graduation photo? Need to create a fake family for that job interview? Problem solved with expert Photoshopping and Tom’s peculiar ability to know exactly what you desire. Tom never says no, even when giving grieving parents the chance to see what the lives of their lost children may have looked like.

But where do you draw the line . . .
and what happens when the fantasy Tom sees on-screen starts to bleed into his real life?

Read more about Lia here


One comment

  1. Really enjoyed catching up with missed podcasts.
    “You Wish “ sounds like a super book, Lia provided a great overview of her latest book and I can’t wait to buy it to read about all these interesting characters.
    I so enjoyed the chat about her previous novels.
    Your interview was super , you certainly got a lot of both personal and professional information making the podcast fantastic….THANKYOU.


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