Ep: 79 Susi Fox – Mine

You wake up alone after an emergency caesarean, desperate to see your child. And when you are shown the small infant in the nursery, a terrible thought takes root:


No one believes you. Not the nurses, your father or even your own husband. They say you’re confused and delusional. Dangerous.

With everyone against you, is it safe to trust your instincts? Or are memories from your past clouding your judgement?  This can’t all be in your head…can it?

Mine is a heartbreaking psychological thriller that will haunt you.

Read more about Susi here

One comment

  1. Hi Rose
    Another wonderful interview. The premise of this book is not my cup of tea but it sounds like an horrific situation, no doubt leading to dreadful events for the mother. I can’t help wondering what the husband is hiding by pretending to have been present at the birth – perhaps a son was more desirable than a daughter – but that’s just my own devious mind thinking about the situation…. maybe I’ll have to read it after all just to find out.
    Keep up the great work


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