Ep: 81 Bridie Jabour – The Way Things Should Be

Claudia is getting married in a week.  Well, she’s 85% sure she is getting married in a week.  Maybe 75%…  First, she must return home to spend the week with her siblings Zoe, Phinn and Poppy who, despite their best intentions, are quick to return to long-established battle lines.

The arrival of her best friend Nora, desperately trying to keep her own demons quiet, does nothing to soothe the possessive siblings.  Meanwhile, their parents George and Rachel, long estranged from each other, are struggling with how different their children turned out to what they had imagined.

The Way Things Are is a warm, funny and genuine novel about the conflicting joys and disappointments of millennials.  It explores the complex relationships between parents and adult children, life goals, and expectations vs reality, and the complicated terrain that is the relationships with our siblings, best friends and ourselves.

Read about Bridie on her author page here

One comment

  1. Lovely interview Rose. As Bridie says this story reflects many generations of sibling interactions, and relationships between parents and adult children… shades of my own family. I look forward to reading it.


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