Ep.105 Claire Varley – The Book of Ordinary People

Media file here

A grieving daughter navigates the morning commute, her mind bursting with memories pleading to be shared.   A man-made entirely of well-cut suits and strictly enforced rules swims his regular morning laps and fantasises about his self-assured promotion.

A young lawyer sits in a fluorescent-lit office, typing indecipherable jargon and dreaming of everything she didn’t become.  A failed news hack hides under the covers from another looming deadline, and from a past that will not relent its pursuit.

And a young woman seeking asylum sits tensely on an unmoving train, praying that good news waits at the other end of the line…

A magical portrait of five ordinary people, and the sometimes heartbreaking power of the stories we make of ourselves.

Read more about Claire Varley here

Six word synopsis:  One day, five people, colliding lives

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