Ep.105 Claire Varley – The Book of Ordinary People

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A grieving daughter navigates the morning commute, her mind bursting with memories pleading to be shared.   A man-made entirely of well-cut suits and strictly enforced rules swims his regular morning laps and fantasises about his self-assured promotion.

A young lawyer sits in a fluorescent-lit office, typing indecipherable jargon and dreaming of everything she didn’t become.  A failed news hack hides under the covers from another looming deadline, and from a past that will not relent its pursuit.

And a young woman seeking asylum sits tensely on an unmoving train, praying that good news waits at the other end of the line…

A magical portrait of five ordinary people, and the sometimes heartbreaking power of the stories we make of ourselves.

Read more about Claire Varley here

One comment

  1. Hi Rose
    I read the first 4 or 5 chapters of this book but just couldn’t get into it. May well be my mindset (probably is) but just couldn’t get in touch with the characters. I have decided not to persevere with books that aren’t doing it for me, as there are too many out there to read, and gave up.
    Thanks for pointing it out regardless.


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