Ep 110 Kate Richards – Fusion

Forever entwined, Sea and Serene live isolated in the Australian alpine wilderness, together with Wren – the young man who helps care for them.  Each has found peace in this wild, fierce landscape, and they live in harmony, largely self-sufficient.

On day Wren discovers a woman on the road nearby, badly injured and unconscious.  He brings her back to the cottage, and he and the twins nurse her back to health.  But the arrival of this outsider shatters the dynamic within, with unforeseen consequences.

Lyrical and poetic, Fusion is a unique and haunting modern-gothic tale that has at its hear questions of selfhood, dependency, difference and love.

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  1. Hi Rose
    What an intriguing premise for a book. I look forward to reading it. Lovely interview once again with a fascinating woman.


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