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Ep. 148 Otherwise Known As Pig – Catch Tilley

Life sucks for Morgan Lohdi, otherwise known as Pig.

Used as the school punching bag he’s bruised and harassed and doesn’t have anything resembling a friend. Maybe it would be OK if he could keep his mouth shut. But Morgan has a sarcastic tongue that others don’t find funny.

Then there is Lissa, the girl he thought could be his friend. Who might even have been something more- if the bullies hadn’t made her turn her back.

When the Art room burns down and Morgan’s one safe haven disappears, things get much worse and he’s determined to finally make it stop. But will learning to fight back work? Or is it possible to turn the other cheek? Just maybe, the answers will come from an unlikely source.

Otherwise known as Pig is a story about bullying, the planet-sized blind spots of adults, and learning to accept help.

Otherwise Known As Pig is published by Wakefield Press

Read more about Catch Tilley on her webpage here

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  1. As a grandparent this book would be an enlightenment for me as well as an aid to assist my grandchildren. My granddaughter was bullied from kindergarten to year 2 and our only way of dealing with it was to move schools but she still struggles with self esteem and communication. A big thank you to Catch as this is a book we can read together and help us talk about how she feels.

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