Coming up on Tuesday 20th June

Claire Corbett’s novel ‘Watch over me’.

Corbett’s atmospheric landscape, with its eerie glacial light, its drifts of fog and explosives, wild geese and Sequestered Forest, is so vividly realised and starkly described, the cold and fog seem to creep beyond the page. For the struggling residents under military occupation, death comes “delivered from the sky”. Yet for Sylvie and her family, love persists in all its forms. – Mireille Juchau, author of The World Without Us

Coming up on Tuesday 13th June

Renee McBryde’s memoir House of Lies.

This compelling memoir of family secrets, murder, sexual assault and domestic violence is also the gripping story of Renee’s constant struggle to accept the truth and her true identity, and, ultimately, to forge a life on her own terms.

Coming up next week

Tune in next Tuesday to hear Fleur McDonald talk about her book ‘The Missing Pieces of us’.

Sometimes you have to resolve the past before you can face the future. The moving and heart-warming new novel from Fleur McDonald.

New book releases

pile of books

Here are someone releases by Australian Women Authors – Would you like to hear any of them on The Book Podcast?  Let me know by leaving a comment.

Kylie Ladd  –  Mothers & Daughters (Family Drama)

Nicole Trope  –  Forgotten (Domestic noir thriller)

Pip Smith  –  Half Wild (Literary Fiction based on the true story of Eugenia Fallini

Jane Harper  –  The Dry (Australian crime novel)

Sarah Schmidt  –  See what I have done (Fictional novel of Lizzie Borden)

Lia Hills  –  The Crying Place (Mystery)

Goldie Goldblum  –  Gwen (Biography

Patti Miller  –  Writing True Stories (Non-fiction, memoir writing)