Alyce Alexandra

Alyce is an author, recipe developer, teacher, writer, gardener and thermo cooker whizz.

While for several years she was swayed away from her first love of cooking by studying law and commerce at the University of Melbourne, once she completed her degrees the lure of the kitchen took over, and Alyce traded in her pantsuit for an apron.

She wrote her first cookbook  Quick Fix in the Thermomix at the ripe old age of 22, and she hasn’t looked back since. Alyce lives for fresh, wholesome, high-quality food that respects every step of the cooking process, from the producers to the cooking to the eating. That’s why she spends her weekends cooking food for loved ones, scouring farmer’s markets for artisan producers, working on her own edible garden, tending to her chicken coop (affectionately known as ‘chicken city’), composting and avoiding food wastage at all costs (don’t get her started on this topic unless you have a few hours spare).

Alyce is committed to living more sustainably within the modern world, and sharing this journey along the way. In the off-chance that you find Alyce not growing food, cooking food, reading about food, or eating food, you’ll find her writing lists about the food that she needs to grow, cook, read about or eat.

Otherwise, she’ll probably be furiously labelling things.

Her favourite recipe: Cheat’s Sourdough

For more information and free recipe books go to Alice’s website here 

Alyce’s you tube channel (and that chocolate dessert recipe) here