Catch Tilley

I was born in Sydney and wasn’t given the name Catch. But, trust me, Catch (after Catch 22) suits me much better than my birth name.

I have five children—which is odd because I was the only one of my friends growing up who didn’t plan to have a family.

I have been married for 22 years and my husband and I still hold hands in public. He teaches sword-fighting for a living and we both perform plays for kids. Which is where I learnt that everything is improved with zombies.

I have various academic pieces of paper and a Masters in Creative Writing.

I have

  • Broken in three ponies bareback because we couldn’t afford saddles.
  • Travelled and performed Romeo and Juliet off horse-drawn wagons.
  • Taken a knife off a student in class (he really didn’t know how to use it/wasn’t serious about it) and
  • hitchhiked to my wedding.

I love to read middle and YA fiction, junkie romances, old fashioned kids’ books and an odd collection of fantasy, mystery, law fiction, historical and romance. I will read just about anything—provided it has a happy ending.

Sometimes I love to write, sometimes it terrifies me but always, always, always, I love to imagine.

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