Louise Allan

My début novel, The Sisters’ Song, will be published by Allen and Unwin in January 2018.

In 2014, I was awarded a Varuna Residential Fellowship to continue working on it, and in the same year, it was shortlisted for the City of Fremantle—TAG Hungerford Award.

This novel came from a short story I wrote in 2010, which I knew had a much longer story attached.

In 2012, I picked it up again, and it grew, and kept growing, and after six years and countless drafts, it’s finally ready to be published.

I grew up in Tasmania, a relatively underpopulated, rugged, and cold island off the south-east coast of mainland Australia.After school, I studied Medicine at the University of Tasmania and went on to become a GP.

In 2000, my family and I moved across the country to Perth, on the coast of Western Australia, and settled in a warmer, drier, sunnier climate.

I moved into the field of breast cancer where I worked until I ceased practising Medicine in 2010 and took up writing.

I’m married with four children and two dogs. Apart from my family and writing, I enjoy music, photography, walking, and nature.

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