Sarah Myles

Sarah Myles began to write fiction after graduating in literature from Monash University, and studying at the University of Western Australia.

She has trained and worked as a nurse, travelled through Europe, The Americas and Africa. She is the author of Transplanted, published  by Hodder Headline.

Her new novel, The Wolf Hour, published by Allen & Unwin is out now.

Currently she divides her time between writing and family, living in inner Melbourne and on the west coast of Victoria.

“I was born in a hybrid place—a farming community that became urban. Growing up in Greater Dandenong, in Victoria, with its extensive migrant population, meant I never saw Australia simply as a white Anglo-Saxon domain but rather an extension of global politics. I have always been fascinated by people and story, where they come from where they are going.”

As mentioned in the podcast below is Sarah’s starter list of recommended reading by African authors:

Here’s a few favourites from my African reading list
  • Tropical Fish by Doreen Baingana
  • Kintu by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi
  • Poems from East Africa  edited by David Cook and David Rubadiri
  • King Leopold’s Ghost  by Adam Hochschild
  • A Moonless, Starless Sky by Alexis Okeowo