Taryn Bashford

Taryn Bashford grew up in a family of elite athletes, musicians and academics. The first draft of the Harper Effect was written when she was 14 years old and evolved over many drafts to include details from the real life of a professional tennis player and coach, her brother.

Taryn studied English Literature at Exeter University with hopes to become a journalist. She targeted publishers and ended up in an advertising role at Haymarket Publishing. 8 short years later at the age of 29, she was heading up Carlton Television’s Internet Agency and was one of the youngest CEO’s in London.

She emigrated with her husband Mark to Sydney to enjoy a more laid back lifestyle, however one recruitment business and two children later, she was no further toward her goal of becoming a full time writer. Another move to Queensland enabled her to turn her hand to writing full time.

Taryn lives a typical unpublished writer’s life with a supportive husband, teen children and characters from her latest book. She plans to write inspiring engaging novels until the day she can no longer type.

The Harper Effect is published by Pan McMillan.

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