Ep. 171 Blackbirds Sing – Aiki Flinthart, Book & Publishing News with Cassie Hamer, Matilda Bookshop, Stirling, S.A., Writing Conflict and Drama with Lee Kofman,

Four-and-twenty extraordinary women; one chance to save a kingdom.What would you sacrifice to save your family, your loved ones, yourself?
In September 1486, the reign of King Henry VII of England is again threatened by York loyalists. The only thing standing in the way is a four-hundred-year-old sidhe who just wants to be left alone, and a group of London women with a lot to lose if England is plunged back into war.
​But, in 1486, women have no power. Only the ability to make difficult choices and sometimes-heartbreaking sacrifices.

Ep: 75 Kate Murdoch – Stone Circle

Is the ability to read minds a blessing or a curse?  
When Antonius’s father dies, he must work to support his family. He finds employment as a servant in the Palazzo Ducal, home of Conte Valperga. Sixteenth-century Pesaro is a society governed by status, and Antonius has limited opportunities.When a competition is announced, Antonius seizes his chance.