Ep: 84 Kerry Tucker -The Prisoner

Kery Tucker seemed to be a typical suburban mother of two, but she had a terrible secret: she had been stealing money from her employers.
When her offence was discovered it was reported to be the biggest white-collar crime committed by a female in Victoria, and she was sentenced to seven years in a maximum-security prison, alongside the state’s most notorious criminals.  Being incarcerated with drug dealers and murderers, however, was not nearly as daunting as having to tell her two young daughters why she was leaving them.  The shame was almost unbearable.

Ep: 77 Danielle Clode – The Wasp and the Orchid

Edith Coleman was the foremost female naturalist of her generation.  She would solve a mystery that had even bewildered Darwin.  Today, she is almost entirely forgotten, save by a handful of scientists and naturalists. Award winning author Danielle Clode presents the life of one of Australia’s foremost naturalists  Edith Coleman and the story of the quest to recover her from the footnotes of history.

Ep: 74 Michelle Scott Tucker – Elizabeth Macarthur, a life at the edge of the world.

In 1788 a young gentle woman raised in the vicarage of an English village married a handsome, haughty and penniless army officer. In any Jane Austen novel that would be the end of the story, but for the real-life woman who would play an integral part in establishing Australia’s wool industry it was just the beginning. A fascinating, faithful portrait of a remarkable woman and the young, volatile colony she helped to build.