Featured Authors

Authors listed alphabetically.

Click on the authors name to go their featured author page:

Sarah Armstrong  –   Promise  – Podcast 28th February

Cassandra Austin     All Fall Down (scheduled for 6th June)

Carole Baxter           The Fabulous Flying Mrs. Miller (scheduled for July 4th)

Catherine Berry –      But you are in France, Madam. (podcast on 25th April)

Samone Bos –           Momo Freaks Out (podcast on 4th April)

Anne Buist –              Dangerous to know (podcast on18th April)

Suzanne Burdon –    Almost Invincible podcast on 14th March

Claire Corbett           Watch over Me (scheduled for 20th June)

Christine Dibley        To the Sea (scheduled for 30th May)

Madelaine Dickie –   Troppo podcast (podcast on 11th April)

Sarah Drummond –  The Sound podcast on 21st March

Cath Ferla –              Ghost Girls podcast on 28th March

Amanda Hampson – The French Perfumer podcast on 7th March

Sally Hepworth         The Mother’s Promise podcast date 2nd May

Renee McBryde        The House of Lies (scheduled for 13th June)

Fleur McDonald        The Missing Pieces of Us (scheduled for 23rd May)

Jane Messer             Hopscotch podcast date 9th May

Sandra Leigh Price  The River Sings (scheduled for 16th May)

Glenna Thomson     Blueberry (scheduled for 27th June)

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