Featured Authors

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Alyce Alexandra              Everyday Thermo Cooking – podcast date 5th December 2017

Sarah Armstrong            Promise  – podcast date 28th February 2017

Cassandra Austin           All Fall Down – podcast date 6th June 2017

Sarah Bailey                    The Dark Lake – podcast 1st August 2017

Taryn Bashford               The Harper Effect – podcast date 30th January 2018

Carole Baxter                  The Fabulous Flying Mrs. Miller – podcast date July 4th 2017

Catherine Berry              But you are in France, Madam.  – podcast date 25th April & 26th December 2017

Lisa Bigelow                    We that are left – podcast 10th October 2017

Carmel Bird                     Family Skeleton – podcast 27th march 2018

Samone Bos                    Momo Freaks Out – podcast date 4th April 2017

Katherine Brabon          The Memory Artist – podcast date 8th August 2017

Tanya Bretherton           The Suitcase Baby – podcast date 13th March 2018

Emily Brewin                   Hello, Goodbye  – podcast date 18th July 2017

Anne Buist                       Dangerous to know – podcast date 18th April 2017

Suzanne Burdon            Almost Invincible  – podcast date 14th March 2017

Shankari Chandran       The Barrier – podcast date 19th December 2017

Claire Coleman               Terra Nullius – podcast date 14th November 2017

Tea Cooper                      The Naturalist’s Daughter – podcast 20th February 2018

Claire Corbett                 Watch over Me – podcast date 20th June 2017

Christine Dibley              To the Sea – podcast date 30th May 2017

Madelaine Dickie           Troppo – podcast date 11th April 2017

Sarah Drummond         The Sound – podcast date 21st March 2017

Tess Evans                      The Ballad of Banjo Crossing podcast date 16th January 2018

Tracy Farr                       The Hope Fault – podcast date 12th December 2017

Cath Ferla                       Ghost Girls – podcast date 28th March 2017

Candice Fox                    Redemption Point – podcast date 6th March 2018

Anna George                  The Lone Child – podcast date 3rd October 2017

Sophie Green                 Fairvale Ladies Book Club – podcast 22nd August 2017

Amanda Hampson        The French Perfumer – podcast date 7th March 2017

Elizabeth Henry Jones-  Ache – podcast date 21st November 2017

Sally Hepworth              The Mother’s Promise – podcast date 2nd May 2017

Catherine Jinks              Charlatan – podcast date 25th July 2017

Sarah Krasnostein         The Trauma Cleaner – podcast date 6th February 2018

Lexi Landsman             The Perfect Couple – podcast date 26th September 2017

Rachel Leary                 Bridget Crack – podcast date 12th September 2017

Sofie Laguna                 The Choke – podcast date 31st October 2017

Fiona Lowe                    Birthright – podcast date 17th April 2018

Renee McBryde           The House of Lies – podcast date13th June 2017

Fleur McDonald           The Missing Pieces of Us – podcast date 23rd May 2017

Nelika McDonald         Deeper than the Sea – podcast date 28th November  2017

Jane Messer                  Hopscotch – podcast date 9th May 2017

Rose Michael                The Art of Navigation – podcast date 24th October 2017

Kali Napier                     The Secrets at the Ocean’s Edge – podcast date 3rd April 2018

Alice Nelson                  The Last Sky – podcast date 7th November 2017

Debra Oswald               The Whole Bright Year – podcast date 20th March 2018

Fiona Palmer                Secrets Between Friends – podcast date 17th October 2017

Sandra Leigh Price      The River Sings- podcast date 16th May 2017

Tammy Robinson        Differently Normal – podcast date 13th February 2018

Zena Shapter                Towards White podcast date 2nd January 2018

Tracey Sorensen          The Lucky Galah – podcast date 27th February 2018

Anna Snoekstra            Little Secrets – podcast on 10th March 2018

Pip Smith                      Half Wild – podcast date 15th August 2017

Glenna Thomson        Blueberry – podcast date 11th July 2017 & 9th January 2018

Nicole Trope                Forgotten – podcast date 5th September 2017

Emma Viskic                And Fire Came Down – podcast date 29th September 2017

Josephine Wilson       Extinction – podcast date 19th September 2017

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