Ep:21 Catherine Jinks – Charlatan

Charlatan is Catherine Jinks’ account of Thomas Guthrie Carr who was charged by Eliza Gray with mesmerising and then raping her while she was under his influence. But if mesmerism and Mr Carr were shams, was Eliza really raped?

With a driving narrative and novelistic pacing, this scrupulously researched account of the life of Thomas Guthrie Carr, stage mesmerist – who lied, fought and sleazed his way around Australia and New Zealand between 1865 and 1886 – is more than just a fascinating piece of social history. It’s also a mystery, a true crime story and a slyly humorous portrait of a man whose ferocious pursuit of fame and fortune made him an oddly contemporary figure.

With a supporting cast that includes the Duke of Edinburgh, the Mad Dentist of Wynyard, the Nunawading Messiah and a host of shady mesmerists, spiritualists, phrenologists and hired goons, Charlatan delves deeply into a forgotten side of colonial history.

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Ep: 20 Emily Brewin – Hello, goodbye.


Emily Brewin is a freelance writer and secondary school teacher. Hello, Goodbye is her first novel. She has been awarded an Australian Society of Authors Emerging Writers’ and Illustrators’ mentorship for her fiction writing, and has been shortlisted for two manuscript development programs. She lives in Melbourne’s inner north with her two children, and is currently working on her second novel.

It’s 1968 and free-thinking country girl May Callaghan’s world is turned upside down when she finds out she’s pregnant to her boyfriend Sam, who is awaiting draft orders. A profoundly moving story of love during Continue reading

Ep1: Friday Edition: New Releases July 2017

Hi everyone,

Edition has launched and it’s your chance to receive a free book.

Every Friday I will be bringing you new book releases, each from a different genre.

The podcast format will cover the outline of the story, the author’s bio and a short reading, just to pique your interest.

This Friday’s books are:

Corpse Light by Angel Slatter – (Urban Fantasy) published by Hachette Australia for more information go to her website here

Writing True Stories by Patti Miller – (Non-Fiction) published by Allen & Unwin for more information go to her website here

The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash – (Romance) published by Hachette Australia for more information go to her website here


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Ep: 18 Glenna Thomson – Blueberry

Glenna Thomson is an experienced blueberry orchardist. She has worked alongside backpackers, spent winter months pruning, and long days in the packing shed during harvest. She grew up on an apple orchard, married, had children, and developed a career in overseas aid and business.

In 2004 her life turned full circle when she, and her husband, bought a cattle property and blueberry orchard in north-east Victoria. Blueberry is her first novel

Greer O’Reilly needs to start over. Her professional success belies private sadness and domestic overload. She’s torn between her career and motherhood. Her partner of twelve years has left her. And up ahead is her new home – a beautiful though neglected blueberry orchard in the hills of north-east Victoria. But when she and her six-year-old daughter Sophie arrive at the property to take possession, there’s an unforeseen complication – the former owner, 81-year-old artist and jazz lover Charlie Chandler, refuses to move out.

Charlie is dying and desperate to spend his last days in his old home. With Greer at the beginning of her new life, and Charlie at the end of his, the unlikely pair soon form a close bond. One that will offer the strength and inspiration Greer needs – because the next twelve months will either make or break her …

Blueberry is published by Penguin Australia

Read more about Glenna Thomson in her Featured Author page here

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Ep: 19 Carol Baxter “The Fabulous Flying Mrs. Miller’

When the young Jessie Miller left suburban Melbourne and her newspaperman husband in 1927, little did she know that she’d become the first woman to complete an England to Australia flight (with a black silk gown thrown into her small flight bag, just in case), or fly in the first air race for women with Amelia Earhart, or that she would disappear over the Florida Straits feared lost forever only to charm her way to a rescue.

Nor could she have predicted that five years later she’d find herself at the centre of one of the most notorious and controversial murder trials in United States history. And this all began with something as ridiculously mundane as a pat of butter.

The Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller is a spellbinding story of an extraordinary woman – an international celebrity during the golden age of aviation – and her passionate and spirited life.

To read more about Carol Baxter go to her Author page here