Ep: 76 Magdalena McGuire – Home is Nearby

1980: the beginning of the polish Crisis. Brough up in a small village, country-girl Ania arrives in the university city of Wroclaw to pursue her career as a sculptor.  Here she falls in love with Dominik, an enigmatic writer at the centre of a group of bohemians and avant-garde artists who throw wild parties.

When martial law is declared, their lives change overnight: military tanks appear on the street, curfews are introduced and the artists are driven underground.  Together, Ania and Dominic fight back, pushing against the boundaries imposed by the authoritarian communist government.  But at what cost?

Home is nearby is a vivid and intimate exploration of the struggle to find your place in the world – no matter where you are.

Read more about Magdalena here

Six word synopsis:  Martial Law drives Avant-garde artists underground

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