Ep:93 Belinda Castles – Bluebottle

On a sweltering day in a cliff-top beach shack, Jack & Lou Bright grow suspicious about the behaviour of their charismatic, unpredictable father, Charlie.  A girl they know has disappeared, and as the day unfolds, Jack’s eruptions of panic, Lou’s sultry rebellions and their little sister Phoebe’s attention-seeking push the family towards revelation.

Twenty years later, the Bright children have remained close to the cliff edges, russet sand and moody ocean of their childhood. Behind the beautiful surfaces of their daily lives lies the difficult landscape of their past, always threatening to breakthrough.  And then, one night in late summer, they return to the house on the cliff…

Read more about Belinda here

One comment

  1. Another lively interview, Rose, and what sounds like a very edge -of -the -seat book. I have added it to the list and look forward to reading it. I’ve managed to get through a number of podcast books this year and look forward to doing the same in 2019.
    Thanks for a wonderful year of books.


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