Ep.138 A Letter from Paris – Louisa Deasey

When Louisa Deasey receives a message from a Frenchwoman called Coralie, who has found a cache of letters in an attic, written about Louisa’s father, neither woman can imagine the events it will set in motion.

The letters dated 1949, detail a passionate affair between Louisa’s father Denison and Coralie’s grandmother Michelle, in post-war London.  They spark Louisa to find out more about her father, who died when she was six.  From the seemingly simple question,”Who was Denison Deasey?” follows a trail of discovery that lead Louisa to the libraries of Melbourne and the streets of London, to the cafes and restaurants of Paris and a poet’s villa in the south of France. From her fathers’ secret service in WWII to his relationship with some of the most famous bohemian artists in post-war Europe, Louisa unearths a portrait of a fascinating man, both at the epicenter and the mercy of the social and political currents of his time.

A Letter from Paris is about the stories we tell ourselves, and the secrets the past can uncover.  A compelling tale of inheritance and creativity, loss, and reunion, it shows the power of the written word to cross the bridges of time.

Louise Deasey’s website 

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