Rpt: Ep 4: Sarah Drummond – The Sound

Wiremu Heke of Aramoana joins a sealing boat on a voyage from Tasmania to Western Australia. He is on a quest to avenge the destruction of his village but soon finds himself a part of the violent and lawless world that has claimed the lives of those he’s known.

It’s a world inhabited by men from many nations. Men who plunder seal colonies and steal women and children from the indigenous communities who live on the islands and shorelines of Australia’s south.

The Sound is published by Fremantle Press.    This episode first went to air on 21st March 2017

Buy it here from Booktopia

Read about Sarah Drummond here



  1. Hi Rose
    What a fascinating story – I didn’t realise how strange Mary Shelley’s life had been. Great interview that really teased out the oddities of the story. Looking forward to reading it.


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