Ep. 104 Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios – The Honourable Thief

Dan Brown meets Indiana Jones in this action-packed historical adventure novel by the bestselling co-author of The Water Diviner.

Istanbul, Turkey 1955.  Benedict Hitchins, once a world-renowned archaeologist, is now a discredited – but still rather charming – shell of his former self.  Once full of optimism and adventure, his determination to prove that Achilles was a historical figure led him to his greatest love, Karina, on the island of Crete and to his greatest downfall, following the disappearance of an enigmatic stranger, Eric.

He has one last chance to rest his reputation, solve the mystery of Eris, and prove his Achilles theory.  But it is full of risk, and possibly fatal consequences…

Read about Meaghan here


  1. Hi Rose
    Archaeology, history, art, mystery in Turkey- what’s not to love! Fascinating interview and lively discussion of the book and its characters. Another for the reading list.


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